Woman holding OLLY Lovin' Libido
Woman holding OLLY Lovin' Libido

Move Over, Mistletoe

There’s a new mood-maker in town.

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An expert blend of botanical
extracts to keep the season
festive and frisky.*

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Icon Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (600 mg)
to help support arousal,
stimulation and satisfaction

Icon Damiana

Damiana (200 mg),
long-celebrated for its
aphrodisiac properties.*

Icon Maca

Maca (200 mg), traditionally
used to support energy
and libido

To: Me, Love: Me

More superb supplements
for shame free self-care.

Digestive Enzymes,
Dandelion &
Ginger for
a blissful belly.*

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pH balance.*

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Chasteberry, Isoflavones
& Dong
Quai help soothe

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Chromium, Green Tea &
Goji Berry
help curb
unwanted cravings.*

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Cranberry & Vitamin
C for bladder
urinary tract health.*

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