The OLLY Feel-Good Project

Mental Health Awareness Month

We’ve made it our mission to champion better wellbeing, for all.

Equally important: taking the stigma out of seeking mental health support.

The Core Issue

Mental health is something we all experience, just like physical health. The problem? It's stigmatized in our culture—and stigma prevents support.  

The Core Issue

615 million

people live with a mental
condition globally†


of people don’t get the support they need†

11 years

is the average time people
wait before
seeking support†

What Were Doing About It

What’s Next?

OLLY has committed to making $1.5M in grants over the next three years.  

Identiy-Affirming Care

We’re helping to make identity-affirming care accessible to those who
need it most.

Individual Needs

We’re advancing organizations helping
people find care based
on their individual needs.

Workplace Mental Health

We’re transforming
workplace mental health, leading by example and
being the change
we want to see.

Partners We’re Proud to Support

When Immediate Support is Needed

Source: Project Healthy Minds State of Mental Health Survey (2021) and SFC Mental Health Report (2022)