OLLY Fast Dissolve Products
OLLY Fast Dissolve Products

Sugar-Free Sweet Dreams

Multi-benefit sleep support,
now in
a delicious, dissolvable tablet.

Just pop one in your mouth
30 minutes before bedtime
—no water or chewing needed.

Dreamy Drift-Off

Made with Melatonin (3 mg) to help
you fall asleep and stay asleep, plus
calming Lemon Balm.*

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Super Sleep

Packed with an extra boost of Melatonin
(5 mg) for the ultimate sleep and
Balm for mellowing support.*

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Dream Duo

Melatonin and Vitamin C support
great sleep and a healthy immune
system in one.*

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Soothing Slumber

A blissful blend of Melatonin and
L-Theanine to promote relaxation
a good night’s sleep.*

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Say goodnight with some
delicious meltaway magic.

OLLY Sleep Fast Dissolve on night table
OLLY Relaxing Sleep Fast Dissolve products

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