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Kids Multi + Probiotic


A blend of Vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs & Zinc

Size: 120 or 60 Serving Pouch

All Gone, Back Soon

It's a win win. This bite-sized multi is packed with all the good stuff kiddos need in a delicious gummy they'll actually enjoy, plus a boost of the good guy bacteria to help little bodies thrive.*

  • Flavor: Yum Berry Punch
  • Complete multi with a blend of Vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs & Zinc

How It Works

OLLY Kids Multi & Probiotic delivers essential vitamins and minerals active kiddos need plus a boost of live probiotics, the beneficial bacteria that help keep little bellies in balance.*

How it Works
  • PROBIOTIC Ingredient


    We included a super dose of probiotics (the good bugs) to help support healthy belly bacteria and a strong immune system.*

Naturally Tasty

Fruit Punch & Berry Blast

Naturally Tasty – <p>Fruit Punch & Berry Blast</p>

NSF Certified

>NSF Certified

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“I've never had my kids ask for their vitamins or even remind me to give them their vitamins like I have with the Olly vitamins. My kids love them! Flavor is great, soft and chewy. Will be buying plenty more since they are now addicted to getting their daily vitamin. I love the design of the container, excellent child safety lock lid. My children each take 2 a day and look forward to it every day.”


“Let's face it, many kids don't like taking vitamins. Sometimes you may even have to bribe them to take them. Well, not anymore! All four of our children love these! They actually ask me for them when I forget! I love that there are so many vitamins all rolled into a delicious little gummy for your little ones! Best Vitamins Ever!!!”


“Ok I love it when something healthy taste good, but these might taste too good. My daughter is obsessed over them, Thanks to the amazing child proof lid though I could let her hold the container which calmed her down a bit. The gummies were soft and chewy and the sugary outside made them taste even better.”