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Keep it Movin'


Helps relieve occasional constipation*

All Gone, Back Soon

Join the (bowel) movement. For those times when you’re backed up and you can’t possibly think about anything else, sweet relief is only a couple of gummies away.* Our bowel-relaxing blend of Rhubarb, Prune and Amla will get you feeling good to go (in about 8 to 12 hours). Take these berry flavored beauties before bed and wake up ready to say buh-bye to occasional constipation frustration.*

  • 30 Gummies 
  • Flavor:  Plum Berry
  • A blend of Rhubarb, Prune & Amla

    How It Works

    Rhubarb, Prune and Amla are a bowel-moving blend of laxative herbs that work in 8 to 12 hours to offer sweet relief from occasional constipation frustration.*

    How it Works
    • Revvin’ Rhubarb Ingredient

      Revvin’ Rhubarb

      A laxative herb traditionally used to relieve occasional constipation.*

    • Power to the Prune Ingredient

      Power to the Prune

      Prunes help to move things along and maintain healthy bowel function.*

    • Awesome Amla Ingredient

      Awesome Amla

      Used for centuries to help support regularity and digestion.*

    Naturally Tasty

    Juicy plum with blueberry & elderflower.

    Naturally Tasty – <p>Juicy plum with blueberry & elderflower.</p>

    NSF Certified

    >NSF Certified

    NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.

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    OLLY Love

    Love it

    I just love this only keep it movin, digest delightfully . Not only does it taste good but when I feel like my stomach is bloated it helps me out a lot. I do recommend to all it does the job. I even got my in-laws some.


    Tastes good, works well

    I had a super stressful day today and I took these gummies in the morning. they taste sweet and were easy to take since they are gummies. It definitely kept my body moving so I wasn't feeling uneasy after such a stressful day. I'm glad this worked so well.


    Really does keep it moving

    Occasionally I have constipation. It's been an up hill battle. I've gone through many brands and it hurts. Recently, I've come across Olly laxatives. They work so well. It dosen't bloat me up or have my stomach upset. Olly works gradually, and slowly relieves my constipation. Olly is in a gummy form and tastes great! I will be purchasing this product from now on.