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Fiber Gummy Rings


Supports bowel and digestive health*

All Gone, Back Soon

Getting enough fiber in your diet can be tricky, even for big fans of fruits & veggies. Good news: with their juicy blend of strawberry and watermelon flavors, these gummy rings deliver fiber with flavor. Not only are they tastier than a bushel of broccolini, they also include 5g of Prebiotic fiber into every 2 gummy serving.*

  • 50 Count 
  • Flavor:  Berry Melon Flavor with other Natural Flavors
  • 5 g of Prebiotic fiber per 2 gummies

    How It Works

    Delivering 5g of Prebiotic fiber per 2 gummy serving, these flavorsome Fiber Gummy Rings support regularity, bowel function and digestive health.*

    How it Works

    The Goods Inside

    • SOS! FOS Ingredient

      SOS! FOS

      Short for Fructo-oligosaccharides, FOS is a good source of soluble fiber and supports normal bowel function and a healthy gut microflora.* 

    Delightfully Tasty

    Juicy blend of strawberry and watermelon flavor with other natural flavors.

    Delightfully Tasty – <p>Juicy blend of strawberry and watermelon flavor with other natural flavors.</p>

    OLLY Love

    OLLY nails it again

    I’m a big fan of Olly vitamins. I first tried their sleep gummies. They work like a charm when I just can’t rest my mind but need sleep. I also like their multivitamins. But these fiber gummies are even better. They taste great - which makes you want to take them! They look like the watermelon candy rings. I take two every morning with breakfast and at least one full cup of water. It helps me stay feeling full plus helps me clear my system each day. I highly recommend the fiber gummies and suggest checking out their other ones as well. These gummies beat popping a pill.


    The best!

    I had basically given up on finding a fiber for me. I have tried so many, and went into all of them with good intentions but just couldn't stick with any (also didn't always see any actual results). These are DELICIOUS and I can actually look forward to, and remember, to take them. This is a brand I can trust, which is a huge positive. I'm also very happy to take fiber in gummy form, as opposed to swallowing a pill or trying to chug a nasty drink.


    Very effective supplement

    First of all, I love the taste of these gummies, as they are sweet with some sour notes, with watermelon and strawberry blend. They are not hard to chew, and are easy to digest. Since taking them, I have a better digestion and I’m also regular. I will definitely use them again in the future, because they are effective.