Olly is expertly blended

Olly's Perfect Men's Multi was designed with the active man in mind. Say hello to a daily dose of male health.*

A blend of Vitamins A, C, D, E & B.

Perfect Men's Multi

Blackberry Blitz flavor includes blackberry & concord grape flavors.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Healthy Habits

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Exercise in the AM. Any exercise is good for your heart, but engaging in aerobic activity the early morning rather than in the afternoon or evening more dramatically lowers nighttime blood pressure and increases time spent in deep sleep, two critical determinants of heart health.

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Perfect Men's Multi

10 reviews
  • JustinP

    A++++ Great Product!

    I received a free sample of this product and agreed to write an honest review about the product. I have to say I was skeptical that there would be a better multi vitamin out there better then the Mega Men Multi I take daily from GNC. Well, I found it, The Perfect Men`s Multi was not only comparable to the vitamins and minerals in Mega Men, it comes in a gummy form that is actually delicious. No vitamin after taste, I say if your looking for a great tasting multi vitamin with all the essentials, this is the way to go!

  • David D

    Love the gummy

    This is my first experience taking a gummy vitamin. They are a tasty mixed berry flavor and easy to chew. Much easier to consume than traditional hard vitamins - no water/drink necessary. Very easy to take on the go or while getting ready in the morning. Will definitely recommend to others.

  • Robert H

    Great flavor

    Overall, I really liked this product. At first, I thought the size was to large, but after using it, I had no issues with the size. I thought the flavor was very appealing. It didn't have that metallic taste like alot of other vitamins do. All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to others.

  • Kevink

    Not Bad

    I received a free sample of this vitamin. It's a gummy vitamin. I found it a nice product, easy to eat, just the right size. Only thing I didn't care for was the taste. It was reminiscent of cherry cough syrup. But hey it's a vitamin.

  • PEast

    OLLY may just have the PERFECT MEN'S MULTI

    I have been using OLLY's "Perfetct Men's Multi" for several weeks now and I must say, I am a fan. I was offered a free sample of this product and would not normally have selected a gummi-type vitamin. I have taken a daily multivitamin for decades and considered gummies to be for my children only. POSITIVES: A gummi vitamin does not require water necessarily to swallow. I just pop 2 in my mouth each morning, per the usage directions. In the past, I would take a pill multi that I kept in a kitchen cabinet, had to swallow with water and frankly, I would forget some days. I keep the OLLY vitamins in my bathroom in plain sight and pop them in my mouth right out of the shower every day. Taste is good(like candy and the gummies have a nice texture and sweeteness. Packaging is cool. Feel like you are taking a adult, sports vitamin. Ingredients. Has all the vitamins I need for an active lifestyle NEGATIVES: Smell. Although not overwhelming, a gummy jar has that "vitamin smell" and is more powerful than an encapsulated pill. I wouldn't really change anything to improve these vitamins. Cool packaging, great taste, all the important ingredients. OLLY helped me overcome my gummy bias!

  • Jim B


    I can't remember the last time I had chewable vitamins, so these were a welcome change. There were two flavors and they were both delicious. I compared The Perfect Men's Multi to my regular vitamins, and the gummies had some trace elements that my old ones did not, including calcium, choline, inositol, and lycopene. Lycopene has been linked to good prostate health. I would recommend this product.

  • Nathan H

    I'm buying more

    I really enjoyed the product. The taste of the gummy was very good with no after taste as you would with taking some pills. I did feel a noticeable boost in my energy throughout the day and taking them is simple. I just took two gummies in the morning before breakfast and that was it. It says you can take them without food but I took mine with food just to be sure. Overall I would recommend this product and might get some more for myself.

  • RickyRick

    Finally a vitamin I actually take

    I read the Bloomberg article about Olly and bought the product at a Target in San Francisco. The gummies sit on my office desk and I remember to take them every day because I actually enjoy the taste. Glad I found them - will try more of these products soon as well.

  • PJ

    Found these in story -- ordered online!

    These gummies are tasty and are a breeze to take in the morning. Would recommend!

  • Rick

    Finally, A Multi I Can Take

    The gummies sit on my office desk and I remember to take them every day because I actually enjoy the taste. Glad I found them - will try more of these products soon as well.

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