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Mighty Mojo Image
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Mighty Mojo


Supports testosterone production & healthy sexual interest*

All Gone, Back Soon

Testosterone declines with age. Mighty Mojo is for men with lower testosterone. Here's hope: Our scientifically formulated blend features clinically studied, research backed Tongkat Ali to support free testosterone production, resulting in healthy interest and an upbeat mood, plus Resveratrol and Pine Bark Extract.* We'll take two.

  • 30 Count | 15-day Supply
  • A blend of Tongkat Ali, Resveratrol & Pine Bark Extract
  • Vegan Certified






How It Works

Our bodies have “bound” testosterone & “free” testosterone. Mighty Mojo™ helps release “bound” testosterone so it can go where it’s needed—that includes improving mood and supporting healthy sexual interest.*




The Goods Inside

  • Tongkat Ali Ingredient

    Tongkat Ali

    A clinically studied herb that supports testosterone levels and a healthy sexual interest.*

  • Resveratrol Ingredient


    Botanically derived polyphenol known for providing antioxidant support.*

  • Pine Bark Extract Ingredient

    Pine Bark Extract

    A botanical extract that has been traditionally used for centuries.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Mojo is back!!

Used mighty mojo for a week, mojo is back!!! I’m Randy like Austin Powers baby!! Would recommend 100%. I feel like I’m 20 years old again at almost 50. Give it a shot, get that mojo back!! Ready on demand!


I feel the difference

This supplement has helped me elevate my workouts to the next level. I feel the increase production has improved my blood flow and endurance during exercise, leading to more intense and productive sessions. I feel a noticeable boost in energy and focus, which is perfect for those grueling gym sessions. Furthermore, the testosterone-boosting properties have positively impacted my strength and muscle gains. I've noticed increased stamina and faster recovery times, allowing me to push through plateaus and achieve better overall results.


Shockingly works!

I'm usually not one to try supplements for testosterone or sexual appetite. But I was given a chance to try this product, and thought why not? I didn't expect anything to happen but then all of a sudden, bam! The drive is like when I was a teenager! My wife has definitely enjoyed the difference. I don't know how it will react with everyone, but I know it made a difference for me. Even if you don't have any issues, it's nice to have a little extra giddy up! Highly recommend!