The OLLY Feel Good Project

Raising Awareness,
Sharing Love

We're on a mission to squash the stigma
around mental health and break
the barriers to access the support that
we all deserve.

The first step? Normalizing the
conversation and shouting from the
rooftops: we’re all worthy of being
happy, feeling healthy and living well.

of high schoolers
having suicidal
thoughts in
the past
12 months2

of mental health issues are
established before the age
of 24, and young women
the highest-risk group
mental illness3

BIPOC communities are
less likely than their white
counterparts to receive a
diagnosis, access mental
services, and often
poorer quality of

of BIPOC women believe
that breaking the silence
regarding their own mental
health will help break
cultural stigmas.5

Colorful Shapes

In This Together

Mental health is top of mind these days—it’s something that touches us all. Regardless of your age, gender, or cultural identity, the stressors of daily life (and that whole global pandemic thing) can leave anyone feeling depleted and struggling to maintain their wellbeing.

If it’s so common (and it is, 1 in 5 Americans struggle with their mental health), then let’s talk about it.

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OLLY x Seek Her Foundation

It Affects Us All Differently

While mental health is something we all live with, the way we experience it looks different for everyone. This is especially true for BIPOC communities, in which access to culturally affirming care is insufficient or non existent.

We’re partnering with the SeekHer Foundation to support research and programs benefiting women and practitioners who identify as BIPOC. To date, OLLY has given $100,000 towards these programs that help empower conversations about mental health.

Feeling seen and supported is key. Learn more about the SeekHer Circle, an online community championing connection and compassionate support.

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OLLY Women
Woman smiling


Reaching Our
Youth First

Through our ongoing partnership with The Jed Foundation, we know the mental health crisis is disproportionately affecting teenagers and young adults. At this life stage, knowing where to turn for support and help is crucial. So is knowing how to support friends and family who might be struggling

Over the last 2 years, OLLY has provided $800,000 to help The Jed Foundation implement mental health and suicide prevention programs in high schools and school distrcits across the country. This support has allowed JED to reach over one million students. And that’s just the start!

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