Olly is expertly blended

Olly's The Mega Omega-3 is a blend of good fats from the sea. Say hello to healthy fats.

A blend of Omega-3's DHA & EPA

The Mega Omega-3

Flavor: Sweet Clementine

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Healthy Habits

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Don't peel your carrots! Like most fruit and vegetable peels, the peel of the carrot is a goldmine of beneficial phytonutrients. Don't strip it off - give your carrots a good wash instead. Best to skip the shaved down "baby" carrots too.

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The Mega Omega-3

1 reviews
  • Michael T

    No Fish Taste

    Absolutely no fish taste or burps. I loved that I didn't have to choke this down, it was so easy to pop. This soft gel is yummy, it smells and tastes like strawberry. Such a delightful part of my vitamin regimen.

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