Kids Protein

Sneaky sip. This plant powered protein packs in a healthy boost of veggie goodness and nutrients in a delicious snack that will go down without a fuss and help kiddos thrive.

  • 15 Servings
  • Flavor: Chipper Chocolate
  • 9g of protein per serving
  • Non GMO, Gluten Free
Nutritional Information
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How It Works

OLLY Kids Protein delivers the perfect trifecta of plant powered protein, fiber, and vitamins sourced from 12 organic fruits and veggies, plus the equivalent of 1 serving of broccoli in every serving.*

Kids Protein

What’s Inside


    Our plant based protein blend is made with non-GMO pea protein & flax seed to keep little bodies strong and energized.


    We snuck in the phytonutrient equivalent of a whole serving's worth of broccoli*, so your little sprout gets a super veggie boost in every smoothie.

*One serving of OLLY Kids Protein Mix has 15mg of glucoraphanin (a phytonutrient), equivalent to the amount in a serving of broccoli.

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