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Extra Strength Elderberry


A Boost to Support Immune Health*

Feel-good powerhouse. This super dose of Elderberry supports a healthy immune system so you can keep doing your thing on the daily.*

  • 50 gummies | 25-day supply
  • Flavor: Bunch ‘o Berries
  • A blend of Elderberry, Vitamins C, D & Zinc

How It Works

OLLY Extra Strength Elderberry contains a superdose of Elderberry: 450mg of Elderberry extract per serving (compared to 65 mg per serving in OLLY Active Immunity). We also added Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc to help keep you at your best.*

How it Works

The Goods Inside

  • Elderberry Ingredient


    Used for centuries, this wise little berry supports immune health and packs a powerful punch of phytonutrient plant power.*

  • Immunity Blend Ingredient

    Immunity Blend

    Vitamins C & D and Zinc provide antioxidant support and help keep your immunity running strong.*

NSF Certified

>NSF Certified

NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Great Taste


These chews are great! I honestly really enjoy taking them, if you like taking elderberry this form is a really nice way to do so as the chews are pretty tasty. From what I've seen, elderberry is a good source of antioxidants.


Staple supplement in house

I have this elderberry gummies for all my family to use. We get one gummy per day per person, even for my kid's. It tastes great, very mild and pleasant. I like that it contains vitamins C, D and Zinc to bust our immune system. There is no synthetic flavor or color. I recommend.


Great Product

I had learned about elderberry from a friend who got tired of all the chemically produced over the counter symptom covers. Elderberry actually helps prevent and recover from viruses. I have always kept elderberry in hand since learning this. These Extra Strength Elderberry gummies have a fantastic flavor and are enjoyable.

– Susandenise