BVE Products
BVE Products

Supplements for
Shame Free Self-Care

You’re invited to embrace your Big Vagina
a movement of unapologetic
confidence. A cool,
collected vibe that
comes with knowing that totally
things—like low libidos and bloated

bellies—shouldn’t involve a shred of shame.

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For Brag-Worthy

Power players Ashwagandha, Damiana & Maca team up to help boost your libido. Let the good times roll.*

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For a Vibing Vagina

A multi-strain Probiotic blend that helps support healthy pH levels and good bacteria. Vulvas, rejoice.*

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For Less Gas
& More Sass

Digestion woes. Gas. Water retention. Whatever’s causing it, these little heroes are so on it—thanks to Digestive Enzymes, Dandelion & Ginger.*

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For Mastering Mood Swings

PSA: hormonal shifts are totally normal. These little wonders with Chasteberry, Isoflavones & Dong Quai help cultivate calm for your best self.*

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For Saying So Long,
Snack Attacks

Chromium, Green Tea, Goji Berry & Ginger help curb sugar cravings, support your metabolism and boost your energy while you’re at it.*

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